Car Stacker S2.8: Maximum comfort

The S2.8 mechanized car parking system is the most comfortable way to park cars on top of each other. The car stacker offers convenient entry and exit, thanks to its horizontal platforms. Our design also means that extremely little floor space is required to install the car stacker - thus increasing the cost-effectiveness of your parking space. The retractability allows flexible access to each car, enabling independent parking. This mechanical car park system is equipped with our durable and easy to walk on floor profiles. The stack parker S2.7 is available in the version, 2 cars (EB) and 4 cars (DB). Below you will find the specifications, datasheet, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and 2D files. The BIM files facilitate planning and help architects to select the right car stacker.
• independent, flexible parking

• horizontal access to all parking levels

• Vehicle heights up to 210 cm

• Vehicle lengths up to 520 cm

• S2.8 (Standard): Load capacity = 2000 kg per parking place, Usable platform width up to 270 cm for EB and up to 530 cm for DB

• S2.8-R (Reinforced): Load capacity = 2600 kg per parking place. Usable platform width up to 270 cm for EB and up to 540 cm for DB )


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