Car Stacker S1.8

The Car Parking System S1.8 is the ideal solution for garages with a low ceiling height. The upper platform can be driven onto horizontally. The lower platform is ingenious and allows for a greater gradient of the lane to the parking system. The S1.8 is also implemented with single platforms (EB) for 2 vehicles as well as with double berths (DB) for 4 vehicles. The S1.8 is independent parking; In this case: the vehicle can also be accessed when another parking space is occupied!
• Independent, flexible parking

• Moving the upper level platform horizontally, sloping down the lower park level (8 ° = 14%)

• vehicle height up to 180 cm

• vehicle length up to 520 cm

• Light platform width up to 270 cm for EB and up to 500 cm for DB

• parking space load 2000 kg per parking space

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